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Music Vault

Welcome to my personal collection of music from other trackers! I've been listening to tracker music on a regular basis since early 1996, and in the past I've done music reviews and judging for a variety of tracking websites, archives and competitions. My standards always seemed a bit tougher than the other reviewers and judges around me, so I figure if a song's good enough to get into my music vault, it's good enough for you to at least try out.

To download any of these songs, just click on the link next to the song title.

If you're already familiar with tracker music, just use your favorite program to play these songs. If you're new to tracker music, you'll want to download MODPlug Player. You should find it rather easy to use.

A+: 97-100
A: 93-96
A-: 90-92
B+: 87-89
B: 83-86
B-: 80-82
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B- Songs: 80-82

All song links are working as of June 11th, 2011.
Download from:
"A Photograph"
& Outshined
Fantasy - IT - 1450k
An epic 21 minutes in length, with a familiar melody arcing across multiple musical styles along the way.
Download from:
"Adventurer In Merregnon"

Fantasy - IT - 552k
An orchestral opus of exploration and optimism.
Download from:
"At The World's End"
Benefit of the Boomerang

Fantasy - XM - 664k
An airy, lilting acoustic guitar and synth-chime composition.
Download from:
"Beneath Dignity"
Mr. Man

Pop - MOD - 115k
A somber piano opus.
Download from:
"Breath Of Time"
Chris Jarvis

Pop - IT - 313k
Piano and guitar ballad, and the only track I know of that uses triplet notes.
Download from:
"Carpe Noctem"

Trance - XM - 1650k
Intricately woven synth-string chord progressions back up a simple but stirring synth-lead melody.
Download from:
"Dance The Tears Away 1"
Mister E

Dance - XM - 565k
Dreamily melodic dance, with smoothly integrated rapping vocals from DJ Brisco.
Download from:
"Donovan's Moonbike"

Demostyle - XM - 183k
A catchy little synth-pop ditty.
Download from:
"Dreams 3: Midnight Sun"
Andreas Viklund
& Virtuos
Dance - XM - 404k
Stirring synth-piano and synth-chime melodies in a familiar dream-dance template.
Download from:

Light Rock - S3M - 315k
From fairly early in his career, this tune gave the scene a hint of what was soon to come from Quasian.
Download from:
"Experimental Illness"
DJ Isox

Dance - XM - 862k
A steady rock rhythm overlaid by driving piano chords and synth-flute melodies.
Download from:
"Far Beyond Reality"

Dance - IT - 420k
"Far beyond reality lies a land of peace, love and unity, a land we don't know, a land we will never know, because it's beyond reality." -Frecle
Download from:

Pop - IT - 406k
Solid, no-frills synth-pop.
Download from:
"Fragile Memories"

Fantasy - IT - 642k
A delicate and somber piano compostion.
Download from:
"Frozen Flame"
The Nuke

Pop - XM - 1435k
Symphony set with an action-movie soundtrack atmosphere.
Download from:

Pop - IT - 911k
Moderate-tempo pop with an inquisitive sound to the melody.
Download from:
"Kageido's Journey"

Demostyle - IT - 652k
A Japanese-tinged demostyle/dance hybrid with oriental guitar and flute melodies and zany voice-clips.
Download from:
"Learning The Life"
& Outshined
Pop - IT - 425k
A mid-tempo piano, guitar and synth pop piece.
Download from:
Joseph Toscano

Fantasy - IT - 209k
Organ, guitar, and woodwind fantasy piece.
Download from:
Johny Walker

Pop - IT - 258k
This darkly-hued tune starts off simply and slowly builds in both intensity and complexity.
Download from:
"Mister Music Man"

Pop - XM - 728k
Simple, catchy little ditty. "It's the music puts you in the mood." -vocal clip from the song
Download from:
"Morning Light"

Orchestral - XM - 381k
A stirring and inspirational orchestral arrangment.
Download from:
"Music For A Game 4"
Alex D

Fantasy - IT - 446k
This stirring piano and chime composition exudes calmness and serenity. Someday I plan to expand on this song myself...
Download from:
"Over The Ocean"

Trance - IT - 736k
Synth-string trance with an epic tone.
Download from:
"Phazer Demo"
Karsten Koch

Fantasy - S3M - 140k
It's just supposed to be a demonstration of a wave-sequencing technique, but it comes across as one heck of a fantasy composition.
Download from:
"Plants On Ice"
Paavo Pessi

Pop - IT - 230k
Funky synth-chime pop.
Download from:
"Restricted Area"

Techno - IT - 4014k
An aptly-titled techno romp with a sense of intrigue.
Download from:

Pop - IT - 723k
Bouncy, swingin' pop/rock with a sense of subdued optimism.
Download from:
"Return To Eden"

Pop - IT - 1610k
"A celebration of Earth in its purest form... a time of life and birth through the sands of years, so long ago." -Fairlight
Download from:
"Ride The Lavender Wind"

Pop - XM - 783k
Bouncy synth-pop.
Download from:
"Romance 2"
Morten Pettersen

Demostyle - MOD - 240k
A driving bassline under catchy, retro synth-lead melodies.
Download from:

Dance - IT - 366k
Driving beats with orchestra hits and a catchy synth-melody.
Download from:

Pop - IT - 156k
An uptempo synth-pop tune with a reflective melody.
Download from:
"Seven Suns"

Techno - IT - 1170k
Dark, stabbing synths with a turbo-charged beat.
Download from:
"Seven Wings of Azazel"
Ansis Markauss

Pop - XM - 240k
Quiet rock anchored by variations on a haunting piano line.
Download from:
The Nuke

Trance - XM - 377k
A curious mixture of pop and drum'n'bass.
Download from:
"Shiva And The Sun"

Dance - IT - 793k
Heavily-melodic dance with demostyle-leads and synth chimes.
Download from:
"Silver Coast"

Orchestral - IT - 282k
A stirring, regal piano arrangement with full orchestral backing.
Download from:

Dance - IT - 1940k
Mid-tempo dance with a catchy synth-hook.
Download from:
"Symphony In Infrared"

Orchestral - IT - 606k
An adventurous orchestra piece led by strings.
Download from:
"Technicolor Combustion"

Pop - IT - 3710k
Unique and off-kilter synth-pop.
Download from:
"The Last Sunset"

Pop - S3M - 151k
A soft and relaxing piece led by electric guitar.
Download from:
"The Stories 2"

Fantasy - XM - 316k
Spacey, far-out, and nearly ambient.
Download from:
"The Uncrowned"
Paavo Pessi

Pop - IT - 1280k
Funky, trippy flute and piano melodies.
Download from:
"Two Sketches: Lead & Ink"

Pop - IT - 370k
A sobering piano-and-string combo in 3/4 time.
Download from:
"Underwater Voyage: Part 1"

Ambient - XM - 6500k
Softly rolling piano runs and low-key drumming combine to create a relaxing aquatic atmosphere.

A+: 97-100
A: 93-96
A-: 90-92
B+: 87-89
B: 83-86
B-: 80-82
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