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Have a good music-related Web page that you want to promote? E-mail me, and I'll check it out and maybe trade links with you! A text link to http://www.novusmusic.org would be fine, but you can also use this spiffy link button:

The Novus Compo
Now defunct, TNC was a monthly MP3 music competition that I used to run, with the results determined by public voting. Some great songs there, so check it out!

The Monthly Invitational Compo
Also now defunct, MIC was an old tracker-music compo that I used to run several years ago. There's still some great music there, so feel free to browse.

A stunningly comprehensive FTP site for tracker files. The navigation is a little tricky, but if you're looking for it, it's probably here, whatever "it" is.

The MOD Archive
Perhaps the longest-running active tracker music archive, with songs listed in alphabetical order and by tracker, song ratings and reviews, and a good search system.

MODPlug Central
Help for new trackers, tracker music, tracking scene news, message boards, utilities, programs, links, and the MODPlug Player. And that's not even everything that's over there either!

CTG Music
Formerly known as Cute Trance Girls, this is an online music community that's been around for years. A bit quiet now, but there's still some forum activity here and there.

Trax In Space
TiS version 2.0 opened up in July 2007 and quickly built up a thriving community of musicians, though the activity level has trailed off sharply since then. Still not completely dead, though.

The Hornet Archive
With their new home on the servers of scene.org, the classic Hornet archive brings you demos and tracks from 1987 to 1998. Lots of stuff here that you simply can't find anywhere else, including some classic tunes.

The TuneStore
Gargoyle's collection of tracking tips and music.

The development site for the XMPlay music player.

A fairly extensive archive of tracker music from well-respected trackers going back to the 1980s.

The Soundevotion Compo
A fairly regular long-running tracking compo. Contestants get a samplepack and 3 weeks to compose a song, followed by 1 week of public voting.

Nectarine / Demovibes
Not only is this a fairly good archive, but it's also the home of a request-driven online tracker radio station. Just sign up for a new account, and you can log in and request songs right from their archive, thus subjecting the other listeners to your taste in trackage.

Amiga Music Preservation
A detailed index of information about Amiga musicians and trackers, including a boatload of song links.

MadTracker 2
The community and development site for the excellent MadTracker music-writing software.

Skale Tracker
The community and development site for Skale Tracker.

The community and development site for Renoise.

Propellerhead Software
The company that produces Reason and other audio software.

Buzz Machines
A third-party community site dedicated to supporting Buzz Tracker.

Maz's Sound Tools
Pretty good selection of both music-writing software and samples.

BeatMax's MadTracker 2 Tutorial
One of the few sources of help currently available for MadTracker 2 users.

The Tracker's Handbook - (Part of MODPlug Central)
Cools of Hertz has put together this comprehensive guide to tracking, and it includes some good tips that will make your songs better, including a few tips that I submitted.

Bjorn "Dr. Awesome" Lynne
This guy was certainly one of the best 4-voice MOD composers back in the 80s, and he's gotten even better as a commercial artist. I own his "Wolves of the Gods" album, and it's spectacular! Also, if it hadn't been for his tracker songs "Bridge to the Universe 2" and "12th Warrior," I probably never would have discovered the MOD scene. Speaking of which, his "Revive" album features totally re-done versions of many of his MOD classics!

Andreas Viklund
Yes, this is the blog of THE Andreas Viklund from The Solid Energy Crew and Lagoona. He's not so active musically nowadays, but all of his old songs are still up there.

Kosmic Free Music Foundation
In their day, this was one of the most well-known groups in the tracking scene, and a fair number of their tunes are still in my music archive.

Stephen P. McGreevy
Ground-based ELF and VLF sound recordings. Perfect samples for ambient and spacey tunes. :)