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Music Vault

Welcome to my personal collection of music from other trackers! I've been listening to tracker music on a regular basis since early 1996, and in the past I've done music reviews and judging for a variety of tracking websites, archives and competitions. My standards always seemed a bit tougher than the other reviewers and judges around me, so I figure if a song's good enough to get into my music vault, it's good enough for you to at least try out.

To download any of these songs, just click on the link next to the song title.

If you're already familiar with tracker music, just use your favorite program to play these songs. If you're new to tracker music, you'll want to download MODPlug Player. You should find it rather easy to use.

A+: 97-100
A: 93-96
A-: 90-92
B+: 87-89
B: 83-86
B-: 80-82
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B Songs: 83-86

All song links are working as of June 11th, 2011.
Download from:
"A Different Level"

Dance - XM - 489k
Piano-driven Euro-dance with a synth-lead breakdown.
Download from:
"Amber City"

Trance - IT - 2140k
Smoothly-styled trance with an infectious synth-hook.
Download from:
"Ancient Reefs"

Trance - IT - 182k
Dreamy synth-chords and pianos over smooth breakbeats.
Download from:
"Ancient Stories 2"

Fantasy - XM - 820k
Lilting oboe, flute, and acoustic guitar melodies in 3/4 time.
Download from:

Fantasy - IT - 765k
Calm and soothing accordion-and-flute melodies in swing-time, with a Celtic flavor.
Download from:
"Around Chaos"

Techno - XM - 1060k
Darkly dynamic techno, at times smoothly trancey, and at other times harshly chaotic.
Download from:
"Aurora Australis"

Pop/Fantasy - IT - 572k
Mellow and moderately up-tempo, this synth-guitar composition blurs the line between pop and fantasy.
Download from:
"Bon Voyage"

Trance - IT - 617k
Quietly aggressive, minimalistic trance with smoothly dropping beats.
Download from:
"By The Coast"

Pop - MOD - 122k
A smoothly-done saxophone piece backed by synth-chime chords.
Download from:
"Carra's Lament"

Fantasy - IT - 667k
"Carra's Lament is precious for me. It symbolizes grief and the only way to overcome it: realizing its captivating beauty." -Warder
Download from:
& Sway
Dance - XM - 620k
A high-octane piano-led dance anthem.
Download from:
"Damask Rose"

Progressive Rock - IT - 5120k
Quasian's signature blend of synth-rock, but a bit more aggressive than usual on this go-'round.
Download from:
"Dawn Chaser"

Demostyle - XM - 463k
An exciting and dramatic romp with a feeling of constant motion.
Download from:

Trance - XM - 723k
Subtly melodic, with hints of dance, trance, and demostyle.
Download from:
"Dream Delivery"

Dance - IT - 930k
Mellow synth-led dream-style dance with frequent breaks from the beat. "Take a deep breath..." -Vocal clip from the song
Download from:

Funk - IT - 188k
Maddeningly simple and yet foot-tappingly catchy, with a funky bass line and clean guitar and brass support.
Download from:
"Eating Hot Ears"

Demostyle - XM - 1610k
Waaaay off the beaten path, with unique use of a common-sounding demostyle synth-lead, off-kilter chord progressions, and atonal melodies.
Download from:
"Flower Power"

Demostyle - MOD - 132k
Rollicking demostyle melodies over a solid dance beat.
Download from:

Pop - IT - 390k
Energetic pop/rock with a fast tempo.
Download from:

Trance - XM - 275k
Spacey, trancey... and hypnotizing.
Download from:
"Land Of Snow And Sun"

Fantasy - IT - 880k
Epic and stirring piano and string melodies.
Download from:
"Liquid Blue"

Pop - IT - 744k
"I dream of flying constantly... maybe it's my subconscious telling me I should succeed in life." -Firestar
Download from:
& Bugster
Pop - IT - 1910k
A piano pop-ballad with traces of classical influences.
Download from:
"Lonely Falcon"

Demostyle - IT - 2047k
Rolling piano runs and driving synth leads.
Download from:
"Love Theme For No One"
The Mastermind

Orchestral - IT - 80k
A soft oboe composition indirectly inspired by my own song "Revealing."
Download from:
"Medieval Ambience"

Fantasy - XM - 901k
A three-movement fantasy piece, darker and more pessimistic than most of Awesome's usual fare.
Download from:
Joseph Toscano

Orchestral - IT - 132k
Fantasy/orchestral led by chimes and strings.
Download from:
"Needless Sacrifice"
& Mental Trip
Pop - IT - 706k
The title is somewhat misleading for this uplifting piano and synth piece.
Download from:
"Of Myth And Legend"

Fantasy - XM - 14094k
A fantasy/orchestral hybrid of epic scope.
Download from:
"Only One Chance"

Pop - IT - 308k
A soft, mid-tempo acoustic-guitar, synth-lead and flute composition.
Download from:

Dance - XM - 535k
Catchy melodic dance, featuring borrowed vocals from "April Snow" by Anders Akerheden and Lisa Lindstrom.
Download from:
"Panoramic Viewpoints"

Light Rock - XM - 469k
Pleasant electric guitar melodies soar alongside delightfully off-tempo drumming in this three-part composition.
Download from:
"Past & Future"

Fantasy - IT - 860k
A song of contrasts and dynamics, with constantly changing rhythms and melodies.
Download from:
"Peace In Your Mind"

Dance - XM - 248k
Subdued, trancey, and hypnotic dance tune.
Download from:
"Return To Nebula 9"

Demostyle - XM - 366k
An exciting and spacy demostyle romp.
Download from:
Dokter Jurgen

Trance - IT - 7550k
Smooth, hard-hitting club-trance, and the good Dokter's first ever release.
Download from:
"Sailing To The Moon"

Fantasy - XM - 651k
A stirring synth-piano melody slides smoothly across a bed of string chords and woodwinds.
Download from:
"Second Reality: Part 2"
Purple Motion

Demostyle - S3M - 435k
Dark, driving demostyle. (Ooh, alliteration!) "I am not an atomic playboy!" -vocal clip from the song
Download from:

Pop - S3M - 253k
Energetic pop with a nifty change to 3/4 time, then back to 4/4.
Download from:
"Substantia Grisea"

Ambient - XM - 1990k
Soothing light piano and pads. "I'm the magic man... Do you say it? Do you think it? You can have it." -Vocal clip from the song
Download from:
"Summer Rain"

Light Rock - XM - 931k
Intricately woven melodies from two acoustic guitars and a piano. Pay no attention to the chipmunk vocals in the intro...
Download from:
"Tangerine Fascination"

Pop - IT - 450k
Swingin' little synth-pop ditty.
Download from:
"Thandava: Dance Of Shiva"

Trance - IT - 1620k
Heavy techno with Indian musical influences.
Download from:
"The Chase"

Orchestral - XM - 760k
Symphony set with some bass synths thrown in to give the song an action-movie soundtrack atmosphere.
Download from:
"The Last Morning"

Fantasy - IT - 1431k
A symphony piece of epic proportions.
Download from:
"The Storm Rising"

Pop - IT - 3280k
Not quite progressive rock, but it sure blurs the line, with distorted guitars backing up a catchy synth-hook.
Download from:
"This Morning"

Dance - IT - 1740k
High-speed dance beats and synth-chords.
Download from:
"Through The Land Unknown"
Pete Cacmac

Orchestral - XM - 2440k
"They didn't fear, though they respected, the land no one had visited before..." -Pete Cacmac
Download from:
"Tihany Express"
& Velvet
Pop - XM - 334k
Soft trumpet melodies underlaid by acoustic guitar and pads.
Download from:
"Turning Around"

Dance - XM - 684k
A moderate-tempo piano dance composition.
Download from:
"Two Moons"

Fantasy - IT - 1041k
A softly intricate orchestral arrangement, led by woodwinds and synths.
Download from:
"Tyhjan Pirtin Valssi"

Fantasy - IT - 584k
A stirring tribute to the survivors and victims of World War II in the Karelian meadowlands. "Those lands have music of their own." -Warder
Download from:

Fantasy/Ambient - XM - 548k
"Beauty is so fragile. One of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen vanished so quickly." -Saboteur
Download from:
"Universe Electric"

Demostyle - IT - 821k
Energetic synth-pop.
Download from:
"Unreal: Main Title"
& Michiel Van Den Bos
Fantasy - IT - 969k
Ever wonder what happened to Alexander "Siren" Brandon? He became one hell of a video game music composer, that's what.
Download from:
"Urban Freakz"

Dance - XM - 1192k
An off-kilter dance-demostyle hybrid.
Download from:
"Wasted Beats"

Acid Jazz - IT - 217k
Vibraphone, check. Saxophone, check. Breakbeats, check. Yep, it's acid jazz.
Download from:
"Way To Paradise"

Dance - XM - 542k
Pounding beats over smooth, driving synths and piano chords.
Download from:

Fantasy - IT - 3230k
"There is a more subtle side to all magic. Like a single sunbeam streaming down through the leaves... it is always there." -Nightbeat
Download from:
"We Don't Know Why"

Dance - XM - 1130k
Enigmatic whispers float over catchy synth melodies and driving beats.
Download from:
"Wether Grey Be Ugly"
Harri Kivisto

Demostyle - IT - 256k
"Older demostyle tradition in sight. Mixed some jazz and progressive elements then." -Harri Kivisto
Download from:
"White Aura"

Trance - XM - 1240k
Subdued trance with subtle piano and synth melodies.
Download from:
"X2 Modulated"
Dr. Awesome

Dance - XM - 256k
Originally written for the PlayStation game "X2," but left out in favor of better music and released as an XM.

A+: 97-100
A: 93-96
A-: 90-92
B+: 87-89
B: 83-86
B-: 80-82
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