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These are the award-winning songs that I've written using Impulse Tracker. To download a song, just click on one of the download links next to the song title.

If you're already familiar with tracker music, just use your favorite program to play my songs. I'm not picky. ;) If you're new to tracker music, you'll want to download MODPlug Player. You should find it rather easy to use.

Want to comment on any of my songs? Just e-mail me at vince.young@gmail.com.

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Fantasy - IT - 149k

Originally released October 21st, 1997. This is easily my most well-known and highly-regarded song, an emotional ballad with soaring oboe melodies over delicate piano runs that was inspired by my personal quest for spiritual and religious growth. I've been floored by the response to this song over the years... 138,000 downloads and counting over on Scene.org, and it's even been played as the first dance at a wedding and at two different funerals. This is actually a slightly re-mastered version of "Revealing" that I released for an old compilation CD called "Interstellar Harmony" that was sold on Trax-In-Space many years ago. The remastered version is slightly clearer, but you can also still download the original version. (Scene.org | Modland | 149k).

"Piano symphony of high quality. Novus states that when he composed this song, inspiration came from some divine source, and I must say, regardless of my own beliefs, it's hard to object." - Anders Akerheden

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Fantasy - IT - 2551k

Released September 30th, 1999, and my personal favorite. An intricate fantasy composition about finding your way in life, with guitar and piano melodies over strings and synths. There's also a smaller 8-bit version. (Scene.org | Modland | 488k).
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Dance - IT - 1223k

Released February 16th, 2003, my most recent release. A melancholy-yet-upbeat dance tune led by piano and acoustic guitar. I started out trying to write a song about the problems I was having with my girlfriend at the time, but it ended up turning into a song about how difficult it was to write that song.
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"Lucent Intentions: Shining Mix"
Dance/Pop - IT - 330k

Released February 14th, 1998. I originally wrote and released "Lucent Intentions" in late 1997 as just a straight piano-based dance tune, but it just didn't feel quite right. But as luck would have it, the song managed to find the ears of Leviathan (yes, THAT Leviathan), who graciously provided me with numerous suggestions and improvements. I took his changes, added a few of my own, and "Lucent Intentions: Shining Mix" was born, this time leaning less towards dance and more towards pop. You can also download the original version. (Scene.org | Modland | 330k).
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"Wir Happy Hippos"
Pop - IT - 919k

Released December 2nd, 2001. This is a cover of CCB's classic 4-channel MOD (121k) of the same name. It's a peppy, funky little number with an insanely catchy synth-riff, and it's quite nostalgic for me because "Wir Happy Hippos" was an early favorite of mine when I was just getting into MODs back in the mid-90s.
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"The Titanic: Fanfare, Fantasy & Fate"
Orchestral - S3M - 216k

Released September 16th, 1997. A 3-part symphonic arrangement about the first and last voyage of the Titanic. This was the last song I composed with Scream Tracker 3 before I graduated to Impulse Tracker, and it's actually a complete overhaul of my second-ever track. I got a silly little thrill at the time from figuring out a way to incorporate the morse code signal for "S.O.S." into musical form. Oh, heck, I still do.
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"Reflections: Mirror Mix"
Dance - IT - 155k

Released October 26th, 1997. At the time, I was still learning my way around Impulse Tracker, so I threw together a dance cover of my very first tracked song, "Reflections," just to stretch my legs and try out a few of the more advanced features of the program. This was the result. The quality isn't the best, but it was fun to do, and it's still fun to hear.
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"Crystalline Yearnings"
Light Rock - S3M - 140k

Released July 29th, 1997, the day before my 18th birthday. A fast-paced pop composition with interwoven piano and oboe melodies playing off of each other. This was the song where I felt like my music-writing skills were finally truly coming together for the first time, and I've long toyed with the idea of going back and cleaning this up for re-release.
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Pop - S3M - 143k

Released July 2nd, 1997. This is a cover of the classic 4-channel MOD (49k) of the same name by Blaizer of the demo group Defrens. At the time, I felt like my songwriting had run smack into a wall, and I wasn't really happy with anything I'd released so far. So I decided to reach back to one of the first 4-channel MODs I'd ever heard, an old favorite of mine, and bring it into the modern era of tracking. I swapped-in new piano and drum samples, replaced the synth-lead with my signature oboe, and set out to do a note-by-note cover that still kept the charm of the original. I didn't quite accomplish that goal, but I learned a lot from this project, and I was still thrilled with the results.

Legal Shtuff

All songs on this page © 1997-2013, Edward Vincent Young. All rights reserved. These songs may not be used for any commercial purposes or to generate or assist in generating any profits or revenue, directly or indirectly, without my express and direct permission.

Plain English translation: These songs are mine. Don't mess with me. If you do, lawyers will make your life miserable. (I'm lookin' at you, Timbaland.)

Old Releases

I've dropped my first five songs from this homepage. I used to offer to e-mail them to anyone who asked, but I've changed my mind. Nobody's ever said they liked them, and it's not worth the effort to dig them up and send them to you. Just content yourself with the knowledge that you're not missing much...

"Reflections: Snow Mix" - A soft remix of my first song, with better samples.
"Steadfast" - My first attempt at a dance song, although it didn't come out too well.
"Commutare" - This song is only for those who love pain. I will not let you hear this one. It is absolutely pathetic.
"The Titanic" - Repetitive melody, annoying samples, boring drums... ah, those were the days. :)
"Reflections" - Well, at least the melody is good...