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So, you want the fame and fortune that comes from winning a compo, eh? Well, first ya gotta know the rules!

Here's the absolute basics: to enter a song, it has to be an MP3 or similar format. There are no samplepacks, no themes, and no exclusivity rules. You do NOT have to write a song specifically for The Novus Compo to complete. The only thing you have to do to make your song eligible to compete is to vote! Just download all 5 songs from any round of the compo, listen to them, and vote on them. That's it! And if you don't have a song to enter yourself, that's okay: you can also nominate a song from a friend, as long as you have their permission to do so.

For those of you with common-sense and honesty, those are the absolute basics. Have fun! :)

For those of you who are total weasels who are already looking for loopholes to exploit or things to nit-pick, here's the official rules. But first, some advice. Nobody likes weasels. Stop being one. :(

1.) To enter a song, you must cast a vote.
Sorry, no freeloaders. If you're not willing to vote, don't expect others to.

2.) All entries must be downloadable and savable, and preferably hot-linkable as well.
I want my visitors to be able to just click on a link here on this website and start downloading the song without jumping through any other hoops.

3.) All entries must be MP3s or a similar format.
I might entertain other formats if they're playable in WinAmp, but I'd strongly suggest sticking with MP3, OGG or WMA. I can't guarantee I'll accept any other formats.

4.) One entry per person per month.
Pretty simple, actually.

5.) No unauthorized remixes or covers.
Unless, of course, you're willing to pay for all of my legal fees when the RIAA sues me...

6.) Not all entries will actually compete.
I pre-screen all entries, and only the 5 best entries from within each genre will compete in the 3 mini-compos.

7.) You can nominate a friend's song instead of your own.
If you don't have a song of your own that you want to enter, just get permission from one of your friends and then enter their song when you cast your vote.

8.) There is no Rule #8!
There's no file size limit, no time limit, no sample packs, and no style or genre restrictions. I figure if I'm going to make you vote before you can enter a song, I should minimize any other silly rules. :)


 © 2008, E. Vincent Young. All rights reserved. So there.