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Want your website listed here? Just set up a link to The Novus Compo at, and then send me an e-mail at Feel free to use the link button shown here.
My personal website, in case you couldn't tell. ;)

The Monthly Invitational Compo
Now defunct, this is the website of the tracker music competition I used to run. The song links should still all be good, and there are some great tunes there, so check it out!

Trax In Space
They're baaa-aaaack! TiS version 2.0 opened up in July 2007, and has already built up a thriving and growing community of musicians. The set-up is similar to a simplified Myspace specifically for online musicians. (Heh. Remember when that's what Myspace was?)

The MOD Archive
Perhaps the longest-running active tracker music archive, with songs listed in alphabetical order and by tracker, song ratings and reviews, and a good search system.

CTG Music
Formerly known as Cute Trance Girls, this is an online music community that's been around for years.

MODPlug Central
Help for new trackers, new MOD releases, MOD scene news, message boards, utilities, programs, links, and the MODPlug Player. And that's not even everything that's over there either!

MadTracker 2
The community and development site for the excellent MadTracker music-writing software.

Skale Tracker
The community and development site for Skale Tracker.

The community and development site for Renoise.
A fairly extensive archive of tracker music from well-respected trackers going back to the 1980s.

A fairly good archive with a request-driven tracker music radio stream.
Another tracking scene portal website, and a pretty good one too.

The Soundevotion Compo
A fairly regular long-running tracking compo. Contestants get a samplepack and 3 weeks to compose a song, followed by 1 week of public voting.

Propellerhead Software
The company that produces Reason and other audio software.

Buzz Machines
A third-party community site dedicated to supporting Buzz Tracker.

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