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The Monthly Invitational Compo had its roots in The Complete MOD Compo, a briefly-run compo by Novus and Renn in 1998. In January 2002, Novus resurrected CMC, then re-vamped it again in January 2004 and renamed it the Monthly Invitational Compo. The same basic concept was always the same: find the best new tracked releases every month and put them up for the public to vote on. The site attracted hundreds of voters and thousands of downloads during its 29-month run, and 2002's Song Of The Year alone picked up close to 700 downloads.

"The Lost Planet"
- by Butch
IT - 3409k - Pop

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"Soundtrack To A Midnight Kiss"

- by HomesickAlien
IT - 5571k - Fantasy

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Monday, August 27th, 2007
Hello again! Novus here, letting you know that I've started up a brand new monthly music competition for MP3s and OGGs: The Novus Compo! As with my previous compos, it's based on public voting, so please check it out. I will thoroughly appreciate the time you take to download and vote on the entries, as well the artists who are competing. Thanks!

Sunday, June 6th, 2004
Goodbye! May's round of MIC was the final round ever. I'm about to get a big promotion at my hotel job, which means more time at work and more stress to deal with, especially in the beginning. Theoretically, I could try to keep MIC going, but it would be quite a headache. And then there are fuckheads like (name removed) and (another name removed), among others, who have robbed the tracking scene of much of the fun it once held for me. (Names removed as of April 15th, 2006 because I just don't really see the need for singling anyone out anymore. -Novus)

This just ain't fun for me anymore, kiddies. And since I see no reason to (literally!) lose sleep over something that's entirely voluntary and no longer fun to do, the logical thing is to stop doing it. So, MIC is done.

To everyone out there who's stuck with CMC and MIC since nearly the beginning and has voted consistently and ceaselessly, and even to anyone who only voted once or even just downloaded a song or two, thank you, thank you, and thank you. You made this little compo o' mine actually mean something, and together we accomplished a lot. We shone a big, bright spotlight on some kick-ass tunes and yelled to the world, "Come and get it!" And come they did.

And to all of the musicians who've allowed their songs to run in CMC and MIC over time, massive kudos to you all. Some of my favorite all-time tracks in my collection have come from this compo. Without artists like Vibe, Butch, Pro-Xex, Dr. Emok, Iwellius, Sphenx, Argh, Samplemaster, Saboteur, SmarTech, Cdnalsi, FleshDance, Gopher, Nightbeat, Andreas Viklund, LauriT, Prophecy, Gargoyle, HomesickAlien, Dan Nyman, Benefit of the Boomerang, and countless more, this thing simply wouldn't have been possible. No matter what genres or programs you move on to, I wish you all gallons of success, big-money music contracts, platinum album sales and millions of screaming groupies. And if you don't get all that, then I'll leave you with the fact that in some small way, each of you changed my life, and for the better.

Big congrats to Butch for capping one hell of a CMC/MIC career with a huge win in May's compo. Download his song, check out May's results, and have a nice life. As radio DJs used to say, see ya on the flip-side.

      -- Vince "Novus" Young
         Sunday, June 6th, 2004